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‘C’ is for Conditioning not Cardio – 24 Seven Family Gym

Oh yes, the dreaded ‘C’ word; cardio.

In the world of fitness it’s a dirty word. Cardio is nearly, but not quite as dirty as the other C-word. You know, the one that makes people look at you wide-eyed and think you are a bad person. (No, not that C-Word silly, I was referring to CrossFit- not bashing them, just saying).

All joking aside, cardio is viewed as overrated by many coaches while being overvalued by many gym-goers- who think jumping on the elliptical for 45 minutes while watching TV will yield the results one desires. Not quite there my friend. Yes, cardio has its place and yes, some activity is better than none but it is not the-be-all or end-all.

The following list provides styles of metabolic conditioning exercises or systems to push your body to a limit an elliptical alone could not do.

1. Ramp Sprints (Or Hill Sprints).
At 24 Seven Family Gym, we have a built in 15m ramp which is angled at 45 degrees, it is surfaced and safe for sprinting, crawling, or carrying heavy objects up and down. Nothing screams conditioning like a maximal speed movement while pumping your full body. (For a great alternative: head to your favourite outside hill; perhaps on Armour Rd.)

2. Jump Rope
One of the most old-school and basic forms of conditioning is a valuable tool due to the force produced with low impact. Get creative and work on tricks, or crank up the “Eye of the Tiger” and perform it like Rocky. Time it, check heart rate, hydrate, then repeat! Works well in 24 Seven’s heavy bag area for MMA drills.

3. Kettlebell Swings
Kettlebells are not a new phenomena nor are they the only trick of the trade. It is a solid fitness tool for your fitness tool box. Begin by hinging at the hip and power through with a hip thrust for maximal power. Momentum will be generated, but please beware that swinging to eye level is unnecessary. Work for amount of reps in certain time, like an interval.

4. Barbell Complexes
Grab one of our many barbells at our 24 hour facility, plates are unnecessary at first, perform as a series of exercises consecutively without resting the bar. Ex. Deadlift- row-high pulls-front squats- overhead press.

5. Battling Ropes & Sleds
Basically long ropes, that one uses to battle…uh, sort of…it is best if you can visit us in person to really gain an appreciation of how to battle with rope. Just take my word for it, it is fun. Heart rate is high, muscles are trained, and weight is lost.
Sleds can be pulled, pushed and carried. Legs will burn, and lungs will be set ablaze in an appropriate manner. It is a must have to any fitness regime. Learn more @