Getting Started – The Time is Now!

            Getting started—two simple words; but putting action to those words can be far more complex. Tom Petty once sang that “waiting is the hardest part”, well he is only partially correct because starting can be just as difficult if not more. However, getting started does not have to be difficult or complex; it can honestly be very simple. 

The world is moving all around us, why would we want to be at a standstill? Well, it is not easy to be moving in the right direction. It takes focus, determination, desire, commitment and will power. Notice all of these qualities do not rely upon physical attributes. Well, that is because it starts with the power of the mind. In response to questions of his faltering body, Baseball legend, Yogi Berra stated “the game is 90% mental”. Well, mentality is the control centre of what we can or will do.

Start with a positive attitude of “I can”, and “I will”. That will change everything because staying strong, positive, and focussed will yield results throughout the difficulties of beginning your journey to success. The only thing in the way of your success is you. The time is now to remove ‘yourself’ from playing defence against ‘yourself’. The key to success is getting success! As the old adage goes, “success breeds success”.

What are we all waiting for, another New Year’s Resolution? How often does that really work out? Everyone wants to improve themselves; start exercising, quit smoking, or eat less sugar, but by day three we had to give into our old ways because it became too difficult to continue. People will tell me they have to get ready for it. That is called procrastination: “getting ready to get ready”. You are ready! It’s your time! Bring yourself up a level, better yourself and bring a new level of commitment to yourself, your friends and your family!

Pick that goal! Write it down! Make it public! Go after it! Stick to it, the time is now! Why not start today, why wait for tomorrow? Is it any easier tomorrow? No, it is the exact same task. Start now because once you are started you now have the success you need for more success! Be proud, be strong and push hard for what you want. I promise you, the endorphin rush of getting what you want and attaining your goals is worth it!

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