Fitting In Fitness

What do you think is the most common reason people don’t workout? If you answered; “No time”, well you are correct my friend. However, I say enough is enough, if you have a GOAL, OR WANT SOEMTHING BAD ENOUGH then sacrifice something and make the time. Getting started is the hardest part: consider this reading your first steps in the right direction.

No excuses. Use these strategies to get in a good workout no matter where you are.

1. Schedule it in!

Treat a workout the same way we would an appointment or task and write it in your calendar. Research shows that when people perform the action of writing it is placed in short-term memory better than if wasn’t written. It also forces you to think about doing it.

2. Multitask for Muscle.

While completing household chores use breaks in the action for bodyweight exercise. Or even better; get creative and use household items to exercise with. Example: pick up a corner of your coach or loveseat as a version of a deadlift or squat.

3. Practice Pump Up.

While the kids are at practice with their teams hit the gym in the area.

4. Weekend Warrior.

We often have more time and energy on the weekends so be productive and use your weekend time wisely. Much can be accomplished with a little focus.

5. Make it a Date!

Instead of going to the movie theatre, or grabbing ice cream; go out for a run or try a yoga class — Definitely a fun way to get to know someone.

6. Early Bird Special.

Before the world gets in your way- get your workout in! Nothing like sweating to kick start your day!

7. Lunch time is Crunch Time!

The lunch hour is dwindling in our nation. However, that is no excuse. Get up, go for a walk, return for a stretch and quality nutrition (ie. Garden salad with chicken). Your mind and body will thank you.

8. Crazy Conditioning.

Whatever your fitness goals, High Intensity Interval Training will provide you with the most bang for your buck when time is of the essence. Choose an exercise (ie. Push ups) and perform it for 20 seconds and follow it with 40 seconds of recovery time (ie. Walking). Continue this pattern with 5 or more exercises.

9. Plan your workout schedule.

Look at the calendar ahead of time and plan which types of workouts will occur on specific days, therefore you can speed through the important part of your training.

10. Join a 24 Hour Co-Ed Fitness Facility!

24 Seven Family Gym is conveniently located in the heart of downtown. As the only co-ed 24 hr facility in downtown Ptbo, we have a diverse collection of equipment and numerous membership options to satisfy your needs.

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